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Youth Hostel

GPS 38º40'36,83''N | 9º10'42,51''W


Quinta do Bucelinho - Pragal  2805-358 Almada Portugal
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Classificação da Pousada: 4 de 5

Great Hostel with a great view and is in easy reach of Lisbon.

Located on the Southern bank of the River Tejo, from this point you have the opportunity to enjoy a superb view of Lisbon whilst relaxing and having a cup of coffee.

If you surf come and catch some of the waves at The Costa da Caparica beach not very far from the hostel.

Near to Lisbon and Docks night life attractions, this hostel has excellant conditions for familes, individuals and groups.


  • Reception

     8.00 to 00.00

  • Services

    24 hours 

  • Meals available
    • Information on booking

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Low Season

Datas Inclusive
01/01 a 15/02
01/10 a 27/12


Shoulder Season

Datas Inclusive
16/02 a 04/04
09/04 a 28/06
02/09 a 30/09


High Season

Datas Inclusive
05/04 a 08/04 
29/06 a 01/09
28/12 a 31/12


Multibedded room
(price per person)

13,00€ 14,00€ 16,00€

Twin ensuite room
(price per room)

38,00€ 40,00€ 42,00€

Twin ensuite room suitable for wheelchair users
(price per room)

38,00€ 40,00€ 42,00€

Family rooms - shared facilities
(price per room)

45,50€ 49,00€ 56,00€

Apartment with kitchenette
(price per apartment)

60,00€ 64,00€ 66,00€

  • The prices can change without previous notice.

Capacity and Facilities 124 beds in total

  • 11

    Twin ensuite rooms

  • 2

    Twin ensuite rooms, suitable for wheelchair users

  • 22

    Multibedded rooms (4 beds)

  • 1

    Multibedded room (6 be)

  • 1

    Apartment with Kitchenette for 4 persons

  • Suitable for wheelchair users

  • Breakfast included in price

  • All meals available

  • Café / Bar

  • Common room

  • Meeting rooms

  • Internet

  • Sports field

  • Parking

  • Bus Stop

  • Train Station

  • Boat

  • Airport

  • Family Friendly

Useful information

The Hostelling International Membership Card is required for you to use the facilities of this youth hostel and of all the other youth hostels of the National Network of Youth Tourism in Portugal.

The Almada Youth Hostel Services are certified by SGS-ICS (Quality Certification Company) since January 2008.
Service Certification meets all the requirements of Technical Specification SC-HOTO-70.
For more detail on the scope of this Certificate and applicability of the SC-HOTO-70 requirements please consult the Movijovem Quality Bureau: gaq@movijovem.pt.

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